A pulsing and changing exhibition alive and in the NOW

An ULTRACONTEMPORARY art platform will be activated by Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL at Art Africa Fair in the period from February 23 to March 5, 2017. Every day at 2 pm the exhibition will be changing with the following debate.

On a ULTRACONTEMPORARY platforms, the artworks are exhibited the same day as they are produced and further more they are all dealing with topics related to emergencies of today. In other words, ULTRACONTEMPORARY is a unique platform where artists can express in and about the NOW.

ULTRACONTEMPORARY is a new culture for production and exhibition of art based on the NOW as a moment of an encounter; To create a rendez-vous means to share same place, same time and eventually common worries. Rendez-vous can create a possibility for interaction and inspiration for future actions and collaborations.

A part of seeing the artworks, the viewer will every day at 2 pm be able to experience the change of the exhibition followed with the daily debate between the artist and rest of the audience. This agora-like meeting is an exceptional possibility for exchange of opinions and ideas around exhibited artworks. Since the artworks are changing daily, many visitors choose to come back several times in order to follow the development of the exhibition

In the ongoing transformation and renewal of the ULTRACONTEMPORARY exhibition the main engine is the artistic capacity to express with awareness, energy and and in closest possible proximity to “the now”. Working fast is though not only connected to speed but to a well-trained sense of timing.

Parallel to the physical exhibition platform at Art Africa there will be created a digital window to the project consisting of internet activities including social media and frequent newsletters.